I’d prefer to start like this: I’m Astrid. Everything is perfect in my life. I love school and my family is very supporting. I have a boyfriend and we are very happy. Add to that that I am the most popular girl in school and I almost feel sick from sheer euphoria.

Back to the real Astrid: I’ll be seventeen in a few weeks time, which means leaving school. It’s going to be good to leave since I can’t say I’m the most popular girl here. That would be quite impossible with my family.There aren’t many opportunities for women in Londinium, the city I live in, apart from becoming a servant– unless you get married. I’m not planning to get married.  

I’ll be seventeen in a few weeks time and the only plan I have for my future is to survive. I believe I’m being stalked and I have made every mistake possible since I was thrown out, on the Outside.

The bullets hit the ground in front of her, spraying her with grit. Briefly, Astrid was rooted to the spot, unable to understand what was happening. Run, you idiot. They are shooting at you!  Her own people were trying to kill her.


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