The Other Side

Astrid and Sam might have reached the other side, but maybe there is more than two sides to a story. As with life, there isn’t always a “and so they lived happily ever after”, sometimes things happen that make the road bumpy or even impassable so you have to leave the road behind and hike through the unknown. So, having celebrated the holidays worrying about the flooding (Devon, UK has been, and still is, very wet) I am back at my laptop working on the sequel to my book. I will post my work as it is progressing and give you a date for the release. 


The End is Nigh (so, don’t have to finish Christmas mittens for Auntie Mabel)

Apparently the world is ending very soon and here I am – preparing to go Christmas shopping with a billion other people in central London.

What should you do if the end really was nigh? Read a book (the chocolate bar is optional, and so is the cup of tea) would be my recommendation. Go to a bookshop and buy one, or download an e-book and sit down in that comfy chair and enjoy. The end of the world will be so much easier to deal with in this way. 

What I’m doing on this the last day (apart from shopping)? I’m working on my next book which involves me having to learn more about worshipping the evil – not very christmassy I’m afraid, but very exciting. I spent yesterday in an armchair in a bookshop reading the most obscure books about myths, magic and devil worship until an elderly man, reading a book about Winston Churchill in the chair next to mine,was looking at me as if I was going to self-combust or something. He ran when I smiled at him – he probably thought I was about to cast a spell turning him into a toad.

Released: The Wall To Protect Us All

I reached the finish line (there were serious doubts at times) and today my YA novel is released as an e-book.

I already miss my characters that I’ve lived with for so long, as they almost take on lives of their own. Having finished the book doesn’t mean I’m finished either with the characters in the book, especially Astrid and Sam, or writing.

I have a new project I’m working on, another YA novel, and I’ll blog about this as well as The Wall To Protect Us All.

Click the cover to buy the book from Amazon

Book release

Fingers crossed, my novel will be published around December 15. That means I’ll actually have time to have a Christmas holiday. It’s been amazingly easy to stay put in front of the laptop for hours at a time (procrastination is my middle name), but I’ll be fair and put it down to the incessant rain that has battered Devon during the autumn, making it virtually impossible to go outside without a wetsuit and flippers.


‘There’s something not right – you being here. It is too convenient, somehow,’ the boy explained with a frown. He seemed as puzzled as she was. ‘And, I can’t have a Blessed girl tagging along, you’ll have us both killed.’

‘No, of course it’s not right, I’m supposed to be on the other side of the Wall,’ Astrid retorted. ‘I’m a Blessed. It’s all a misunderstanding.’

‘That’s not what my informant is telling me, but stick to your lies if you like. It won’t make a difference in the end.’

She didn’t understand Sam; he said he was one of them, but there were too many things about him that just didn’t add up. He was right about one thing: it would make no difference in the end.

He had this crazy plan. What he did not know was that so did she – only her plan was making sense – and she would stop him from turning into the killer he said he wasn’t.