The End is Nigh (so, don’t have to finish Christmas mittens for Auntie Mabel)

Apparently the world is ending very soon and here I am – preparing to go Christmas shopping with a billion other people in central London.

What should you do if the end really was nigh? Read a book (the chocolate bar is optional, and so is the cup of tea) would be my recommendation. Go to a bookshop and buy one, or download an e-book and sit down in that comfy chair and enjoy. The end of the world will be so much easier to deal with in this way. 

What I’m doing on this the last day (apart from shopping)? I’m working on my next book which involves me having to learn more about worshipping the evil – not very christmassy I’m afraid, but very exciting. I spent yesterday in an armchair in a bookshop reading the most obscure books about myths, magic and devil worship until an elderly man, reading a book about Winston Churchill in the chair next to mine,was looking at me as if I was going to self-combust or something. He ran when I smiled at him – he probably thought I was about to cast a spell turning him into a toad.


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