Raindrops keep falling…

I have fled the flooding, fired the log burner and focused on my writing and decided to share excerpts from my recently self-published novel, The Wall to Protect us All. (The novel is the first of two and the second is still in the first draft stage.) The novel has been updated on Amazon and I feel ready to give my full attention to the second part, All the King’s Horses (working title – and maybe it works).

But, until I can share the new stuff, here are some bits from the first part:


Elder Pearson was scanning row after row of girls, drooling slightly, as he had fallen asleep during Friday Lecture and Headmistress had just woken him up with a sharp elbow in his fat middle. He’s scrutinising each and every one of us, ready to expose those who might doubt – will he see the doubt in my soul? Astrid was standing up with the rest of the row, ready for Inspection, still applauding in an enthusiastic way she was hoping. The doubters will be Shunned. Surely not, we must be too young for that. I’ve never heard of any pupils who have been Shunned, but then, will Headmistress tell us if it happened? I know he’s creepy but keep a straight face and everything will be fine, Astrid. The queue moved slowly up to the podium. Astrid put a foot on the first step. As every Friday, this was a day of Reckoning. As a Shunned you’ll have to live on the other side of the Wall – without protection.

Elder Pearson’s gaze lingered on the girl. What Headmistress did not know was that Astrid Merton’s name had been raised among the Elders since her file had been stolen from the Archives. The theft was extraordinary – unique.


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