The Wall to Protect Us All: Hunted

She was not going to die without a fight and she scanned her surroundings for shelter, but it was too dark to make out anything. The attackers stopped dead at a thudding, as something huge had materialised seemingly from nowhere. Something was hanging from the ink black sky, a behemoth with huge yellow beams for eyes and it had sensed human presence with its heat sensor camera. Whether friendly or dangerous, it hovered just above Astrid, close enough to stir up a cloud of dust, and she immediately knew what it was even if she had never seen one before. Within seconds she was alone and she shrank back into the shadows from the buildings, creeping along the street, away from the Blessed helicopter. She doubted the men in the helicopter would be able to spot the difference between a Blessed and a Cursed in the dark so she was safer avoiding it. She crept, ever forward, as the helicopter continued its journey, oblivious of her presence, and eventually she found herself in an old cemetery. 


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