On Grammar and Free Books

Someone said it doesn’t matter with punctuation, or even grammar when you send your finished novel to a publisher and maybe that goes for some – I know I’m sitting here going over my text over and over again on the hunt for any mistakes, fearing there will be a whole new novel before I’m finished.

I used to think only evil people became English teachers, those who loved stomping on your baby – that master piece of an essay or poem – you had spent last night sweating over, berating yourself for having left it to the last minute – again.

If I were a good girl I would tell you that all our teachers were good people, whose only aim in life was to instil good work ethics and impeccable spelling and grammar. Truth is, I’m not good. And I’m still stuck here, with my third coffee of the morning, pondering over a specific sub clause on page 11.

There are good things happening too: the sequel to “The Wall” is coming along nicely (I will post bits and bobs from the ongoing work very soon) and on Thursday you will be able to download The Wall to Protect Us All for free.


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