Valentine’s Day – fact and fiction

Why spend a bucket load of money on flowers, chocolates and cards with overweight teddies, holding hearts, for your loved ones when you can give away a book? This sounds like a very dire ad and it makes me ashamed to even think suggesting this to anyone. So, I won’t. Instead, I will tell you that the good St Valentine was prosecuted for marrying soldiers (who, for some reason or other, were forbidden to have spouses). A criminal! A goodhearted person would say that he broke the law for a just reason (Ah, we’re talking love here) while others would definitely put a nasty comment online and argue that a crime is a crime and he should get a lengthy prison sentence.

Some sources talk about two St Valentine’s and some even three. Did they all arrange illegal weddings? Are we talking about organised crime here? I’m beginning to get worried, what kind of role model was this guy?

Maybe St Valentine was set up by the manufacturers of chocolate boxes and heart-shaped cards so they would sell more stuff? Ancient Rome had a massive army and all those men who were not allowed to have girl friends and get married must have caused an economic recession with their personal austerity.

On another note, I have no flowers or cards for you but you can download The Wall to Protect Us All, by going to Amazon, for free for the rest of this week. This will give you more in your pocket for the roses to that special person.


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