Where do one get inspiration to write from? A muse perhaps. A muse is one of the goddesses of the inspiration of literature, according to the Greek mythology. As I got my inspiration from the latest gossip about a certain celeb (no, I never read that kind of thing – I was forced to. Fingers crossed.) the Greek goddesses have updated their appearance quite a bit from the ancient marble friezes.

Inspiration comes from all those ordinary and not so ordinary encounters with daily life – an odd conversation or a person that sticks out from the throng in the underground station early one Monday morning. Other times inspiration is just hard work and a dead line that has to be met.

But if I had a muse I’d like to know if I’d have a choice in the matter, or if I’d be allocated one. I mean, one could end up with an inspiration one couldn’t cope with. Or the other way around. I wonder, if the writer and his/her inspiration hate each other can they ask for a “divorce” or counselling or something? Maybe I’ll opt for the hard work instead, as having a muse seems to be even more of an effort and I can ill afford any more distractions at the moment.



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