Writing stuff – but it’s not written in stone

Apparently writing was used at least 8000 years ago when people used tortoise shells, stones, sticks and clay to record stuff. Texting on one’s mobile phone is so much simpler than the Viking Age high tech method: a massive standing stone with chiseled out runes telling the wife he’s gone fishing with his friends – back for supper in ten years’ time (travel was also a bit more cumbersome in those days and the poor Viking who got lost and ended up in America was probably told off by wife when the meal got burnt).

My writing is mainly done using a laptop – though I go through an endless number of notebooks (I buy them from Paperchase – next to Carluccio’s). This means that my readers have to download my writing from the big elusive Internet. The good thing that this week it’s for free as well.

Also, I want to make everybody aware of that May is Short Story Month, arranged by StoryADay.org. The short story is experiencing a revival as people want to download a reasonable amount of text to their modern day Viking rune stone. Read ’em and write ’em.


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