work in progress

Jack rolls over on his stomach and pushes off with his hands so he is standing on all fours. The grass in front of him is blurry and nausea is rolling over him in waves. His nose is blocked up with snot and blood forcing him to breathe through his mouth. Tentatively he runs his tongue across his front teeth. They seem okay.

The bullies have moved off, delirious from their latest victory, and Jack can hear them ‘whoop’ as they move away towards the plantation where they will spend the school assembly. This leaves Jack to explain to the deputy head what has happened. Impossible. He has to get away from school whatever the consequences. And there will be consequences. One thing his parents are into is rules – and all of them are about stuff Jack must not do. They have never specifically mentioned not being roughed up at school but he knows he is not allowed to go home during school hours without permission.Today he does not care about asking politely and what he finds out when he opens the front door to his home will forever change his life. Before he closes the door behind him for the last time he has torn up the rule book knowing there is no going back.

Jack will all too soon learn that being beaten up by the school bullies is nothing compared to what the adults that are chasing him are capable of. They will stop at nothing to prevent him from finding out the truth about his family and why they had to be killed.

When Project Ares was closed down the Organisation did not foresee that the baby would grow into a teenager who is determined to uncover what happened all those years ago. Neither did they envision that the more they try to stop him from getting to the truth the harder he will pursue it.

The people behind Project Ares are not only ruthless but also very good at covering up any traces that could expose them and Jack only realises the danger he has let himself into when it is too late and he becomes the prey instead.

Project Ares is a novel for younger teenagers of all ages and is planned to be released at the end of 2013.