Looking For Something New to Read?

Reviewing other people’s work is hard. You would not criticise someone else’s baby and your own novel, short story or poem IS your precious baby. Despite this I have reviewed the first book in a trilogy and am sharing it in the hope that someone will find a good read that does not end when the pages run out. I believe the second instalment will be out at the end of the year.

The Cloudstone Key by Darren T Patrick ( The Rithhek Trilogy)

Karsen, a young man on the brink of adulthood, is finding himself in unknown lands on a quest after his half brother commits a serous crime in their home village. The initial thrill of discovering that the world is full of fantastic creatures and magic is quickly exchanged for a growing fear for his life. Having committed his first crime, Petr turns against Karsen and joins the evil forces, the mysterious Shroud, that have returned to haunt the world. This leaves Karsen alone to fulfil his promise to hand over an object that is steeped in old, almost forgotten, lore to an unknown recipient in a far-away country while the enemy is hot on his heels.

Karsen is meant to continue his father’s prestigious art of mining for Cloudstone, but all he wants to do is explore the world outside and he meets creatures – magical and wondrous – during his wanderings, but apart from Bestah, the Sky-Touched, they fail to come alive and leave the written pages to inhabit the world that has been conjured up for them. Admittedly, plot and characters have ample time to come alive and be explained as the trilogy continues, but I am left with a feeling that the story would have benefitted from being longer.

The novel is well-written and the author has included a map that helps the reader to make sense of the new world he has created. I am hooked enough to look forward to the second instalment and more than happy to recommend it as a good read.


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