Sci fi – Time travel and aliens: Secret of the Crystal

Secret of the Crystal, by Brian K Larson (Kindle edition)

This is a sci fi novel with all the ingredients you could ask for: a future thousands of years away in a far-away galaxy; aliens with all sorts of odd dietary requirements; intergalactic war fare; travel through space and time with the help of a vortex and a sleepy Mid West town in 1983. Two brothers, belonging to the power wielding class, are locked in combat caused by the power crystals that are infected by evil. The evil brother kills their father to seize power and the good brother is sent back to 1983 and his grandmother – and a quest to save the crystals without changing history…

This was not my book at all; it was full of technical details and none of the characters managed to come alive. The plot was presented in a very straight forward way so there were no surprises and no cliff hanger moments to liven up the pages. I really struggle to not like a book I read as I feel they deserve to be liked, if only for all the hard work that went into their creation, but this time I must admit defeat. But then, the truth is that we all like different books and I am sure this novel has and will find an audience that will see its good sides.

The secret of the Crystal is the first in a series.