Stocking filler from Detroit

Lost Girl: Hidden Book one, by Colleen Vanderlinden

Day-time Molly Brooks goes to her boring office job but night-time she turns into a superhero vigilante, who finds missing girls and women. Detroit, a city in decay, is not only populated by evil humans who cause each other harm but also a whole underworld of vampires, witches and demons, and Molly’s special powers turn out to be much more than normal superhero stuff.

This is a compelling read – fast paced and witty – with a main character who is so right in today’s climate where women are as far removed from a damsel in distress as a vampire is from tofu. Molly is a character I liked immediately – quirky but lovable – and I am looking forward to the sequel.

This is a perfect book for the festive season whether it is spent on the beach or in front of a log burner when you have run out of vocabulary for another game of Scrabble (maybe not Scrabble if you have chosen the beach alternative. Please feel free to exchange for scuba diving/sun bathing).