If only allowed one book on your holiday

Finding My Escape, by Fran Veal

When Hannah wakes up in hospital she is forced to pick up life after having walked in on the most horrible of crime scenes: the murder of her parents. The police believe it is an ordinary burglary gone wrong but Hannah knows about the Box – and the dangerous secret her parents kept. What she does not know is what the secret is and just how dangerous.

Moving in with her aunt and lucky enough to have a good friend in Matt, a senior in high school, Hannah has to cope with her loss and the suspicion that the murderer is looking for her and the secret. As if this is not enough Hannah visits a parallel world in her dreams: a world that is uncanny and at the same time strangely real. This is also where she meets Josh. Whereas Matt is her best friend Josh is the kind of boy you fall in love with. As time goes by nothing seems to be what it set out to be and Hannah is worried she is losing her mind and she is not the only one who is worried.


From a slightly hesitant start this book evolves into one of the most promising in recent years. The reader is drawn into a well-crafted story, sharing Hannah’s worries about what is real or not. There is a sequel and, despite suffering slightly form “YA series fatigue”, I am genuinely looking forward to continue with the next instalment. The plot, its twists and turns, and the warm and heart breaking story about Hannah’s loss, lift the novel to a higher level and together with a careful eye to language and style this is a novel to enjoy.



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