Or, you can bring two books on that holiday

Hannah wakes up from a coma and finds herself back where the first novel in the series, Finding My Escape, set off. Her parents have been murdered in their home and the police believe the intruder was a common burglar. Hannah knows better: her parents guarded a secret, thousands of years old, and the enemy, desperate enough to kill, is closing in.

 Finding My Way Back

This is the second book in a series by author Fran Veal. The third is on its way and despite suffering quite badly from book-series fatigue, I recommend taking the time to read these books.

Hannah’s best friend, Matt, who she fell in love with as Josh in the dream world she visited in the first book, turns out to be her personal bodyguard in this world. Being her bodyguard also means any romance is out of the question and Hannah is smarting from all the secrets her own family and friends have been keeping from her. And now it is too late to find the truth, as the only two who knew what the secret was, are both dead. Things are becoming more complicated as Hannah cannot trust what is real and what is only happening in the dream world of Valeria…


The second book in the series is fast moving and as compelling to read as the first. Some of the mystery element from the first book is gone and there are bits that are pushing the limit for what is believable, but the reader still ends up with a very good sequel; the plot is well crafted and the style is spot on.

As the book ends on the edge of that proverbial cliff I will have to wait for the third book to find out what is really going on in Hannah’s life as I, the reader, am kept equally confused as the main character about what is real and what is nothing more than a dream.



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