Too Many Vampires? Or Can We Manage Another Edward Cullen?

Maybe I have already given you my answer on that: after Edward Cullen, The Morganville Vampires, The Vampire Diaries and many many more I am definitely suffering from vampire fatigue. Some of them are good, don’t misunderstand me, but I’m bled dry by now. Anyway, I have just read a novel, the first in a series of books about humans and vampires, and I’m going to let you decide whether you still have an appetite for the beautiful undead people:

Midnight Terrors (Knight Blood 1), by Crimson Sterling

IxBryn is fleeing from an experiment she has been participating in after a violent attack has left everybody but her dead. She is finding a safe haven, she erroneously believes, with her cousin, who works for the Order (an organisation aiming to keep the relationship between humans and vampires as smooth as possible). There is also Zarrod Kingsbury, a vampire with the power only a very old Ancient can carry, and as if that was not enough there are the Rogues – evil vampires who break all rules set up by the Order and eager to amass their own power. IxBryn, with her special blood and powers of her own, is thrown into the mix and war is brewing.


This is a dystopic science fiction novel with a supernatural element that should attract interest from a wide range of readers. However, I am left with a feeling of only just having started on a novel, after a very lengthy introduction that almost made me put the book down, to find I have reached the last page. The plot, when it thickens, is just that bit too slow and the story too long-winded to entice the reader in me.


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