The UN – a rogue world tyrant in dystopian world

I have just finished reading a dystopian novel in which the UN has turned into a dark power…

It is one of those novels I would love if I could change around stuff, but that is not really an option with books and perhaps that is a good thing.

Finding Sage, by Logan Judy

In a future world the UN has become an all-knowing, all-seeing organisation that rules with violence and they are persecuting and killing people with supernatural powers. Silas Knight has spent his life on the run, alone since he lost contact with his father. He meets other rogues, as they are called, and together they are on a quest to find the mysterious Sage – a freedom fighter using a blog to get his ideas out.


The idea the author has come up with is better than good (even if some readers may feel outraged that the UN has been given such a sinister role), but I am getting lost among all the new characters that keep popping up, and who, in many cases, are killed off almost as soon as they are introduced. As a consequence I found it hard to engage with the characters and the story. It is brave to keep introducing new characters to the very end, but it is difficult to pull it off and I am not sure the author has.


Despite my uneasiness about whether I am comfortable with the massive list of characters the novel is touching something that could become an absolutely great novel and I would personally like to see the next version.




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