Necromancers and four-legged turkeys – it’s true, I promise

I have just finished an indie book that promises that “going it without a traditional publisher” has a proper future as these books can be equally good (not all “proper” books are either well-written or especially well thought through, to be honest). The book I am gushing about is Necromancer Awakening, by Nat Russo.

The four-legged turkey? Well, you just have to read the book and see for yourself. The resurrected corpses were good, is all I can say. And they had, mostly, only two legs. This book is not written specifically for YA readers but it would suit anyone interested in fantasy novels.


Main character Nicolas is suddenly and inexplicably moved from his flat, having been to his adoptive father’s funeral, to a world full of strange creatures and magic. And moving rapidly towards war! If the presence of the weirdest animals and people leave him confused, the presence of evil and power struggles must feel all too familiar to him, coming from Earth. Finding out who his real father is – the evil ruler of this strange world– leaves Nicolas with little choice and he is drawn into the fight for a future for this world while desperately trying to stay alive. However, saving this world leaves him with a big question: will he ever be able to get back to his dog and the woman he loves?

This is a fantasy novel that deserves a wide audience. It has got everything that makes for a good adventure story: the hero’s journey – both the physical and the emotional and intellectual; good versus evil; treason; a few good fighting scenes and a good dose of humour. The author is making a clever move when turning the tables and suggesting necromancy and its practitioners are the good guys. Together with a good plot and a language that flows I come to the conclusion that this is a promising start to a series of novels from a new author.

Necromancer Awakening is a shining example that indie publishing can be of the same high quality as traditional publishing and I can see Nat Russo as a player to reckon with in the future.