Autumn means more time to read…

Wizard Blues, by Steven A. Simpson

I know – the holidays have been long this summer, but here is another book review. This is a book that I discarded after the first page, but as I had promised to read and review it I had to continue and I am glad I did. It is actually not bad at all as fantasy goes these days (post Tolkien and no one could ever, in a million years, write a second Lord of the Rings. And I am not obsessed at all…). I do enjoy being able to read so many books without having to pay a penny but I might make an exemption for the sequel to this one. Here goes:

The day their parents die it is obvious the boys are different from most youngsters as they have powers most people lack. A travelling wizard takes them on and as Sky and Ocean are ready for their first assignment they are waylaid by a young dwarf, who needs their help: a nameless beast is picking the dwarves, one by one, as they mine the deep mountain and only the gnawed bones are left behind as proof of their existence.

This first novel about the orphaned twins who turn wizards feels old-fashioned in a good way: there is time for descriptions and a build-up before the big bang. Maybe this will put some readers off, but I believe it works for this author and I hope the reader will give the time needed to let the story take on momentum, because it is worth it. It is a well-written novel and the characters come alive with the main characters having both a good side and a bad one to make them both interesting and likeable. As much as the two young men believe they are in charge of their future there are other powers at work, with an agenda of their own, and the sequel looks promising.

So, however busy your life is give a good book a chance as the dark evenings roll in (unless you have decided to have an extra summer and live “down under”).