My Books

Released in December 2012: The Wall to Protect Us All, Kindle edition from Amazon.

Imagine realising you have spent your whole life in a prison. The thing is, everybody has always told you it was for protection – your protection. The walls, they were there to keep you safe. Thing is, it was all a lie; they knew it was a lie and perhaps, deep down, you suspected it as well. Imagine that one day you are on the other side of those protective walls. It is a violent world – but so was the one you just left. The difference being that on the outside the people don’t bother making up nice words for it. Imagine trying to survive on the outside.

Astrid doesn’t have to imagine it – she’s living it. The Wall to Protect Us All

All the King’s Horses – in working progress: the sequel to The Wall to Protect Us All. Release planned in June 2013.


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